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Hello!  Welcome to oxyclean air filters, the first company to offer air filters on the Internet......Since 1995. 

In 1995 we recognized a need for homeowners and businesses to order air filters directly Online at a fair price.  Back then, the Internet was crude, simple, and unsophisticated, but we immediately began getting Orders for air filters.

Our business grew rapidly and today we ship thousands of air filters at the lowest prices.  In fact, we boast that we have the lowest prices, and to make sure we live up to that claim we offer you our "Beat The Price Guarantee".  Should you find a lower price on air filters, we will beat that price, guaranteed!  Just drop us an email at!

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By the way, We offer just about every air filter under the sun, but if you can't find your air filter by browsing our site or using our search engine, by all means email us at have your air filter!

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air bear filter peopleAir Filter Promise

Everyone here at Oxyclean Air Filters' office has ordered something from the Internet
at one time or another, so we know how you want to be treated when ordering your Air filter replacements Online. 

We know you want to get a top quality product
at a fair price.  We know you want your Air filter replacements shipped in a timely manner and if you have a question, you deserve a prompt answer. 

So, our promise to you is that we will treat
you the way we expect to be treated when shopping on the Internet.  We will always treat you with the care and respect that we want ourselves when we
shop on the Internet.

MADE IN THE USA   We support our fellow American workers.   We do not outsource production to China, Korea, India, or any other Foreign country.  Our brand filters are made right here in the USA by American workers.... Please Click one of the links on the left menu for prices, and to order your Air Filter.


Today's air filter was designed, not only to keep your system clean but also to clean the air circulating throughout your home.  The MERV 11 and MERV 13 air filter turns your furnace or air handler into an air purifier.   The higher the MERV rating of an air filter, the cleaner the air coming out of your "Air Purifier", your furnace.  This is important because inside air has been shown to be more polluted than outside air.  In one way or another, dirty and contaminated air in your home can affect your health.

When it comes to one inch
air filters, the filters we offer are the best air filters you can get to protect your air conditioning and heating system.  For the best performance we recommend you change your air filter every month.  You may leave it in your system longer, but then you start compromising the quality of the air.  If the air filter is left too long in your system, resistance to the air flow begins to build up to a level that will adversely affect the performance and efficiency of your air conditioning and heating system.  This statement about the resistance of your air filter adversely affecting your system is even more significant when it applies to "Heat Pumps".

Please, remember that replacing your
air filter regularly will extend the life of your furnace because the important parts, like the blower assembly, the heat exchanger,  and other inner parts will stay cleaner, operate more efficiently, last longer, and require fewer repairs.

Christopher Michaels

Air Filter Reviews

Take a look at these Air Filter Reviews from happy Oxyclean customers who ordered their air filters using the Google payment system.  When it comes to ordering air filters online, getting a good price is important but perhaps even more important is to know that you are dealing with an established air filter company that has proven itself for its integrity.  It is important to know that the air filter company is trustworthy, and will keep your credit card information secured from Hackers, and other evildoers.  You also don't want surprises with the air filter prices, or surprises with the quality of the air filters when the UPS man brings the air filters to your door......The link above for air filter reviews shows only a representation of all our great air filter reviews we have received since 1995.  If you would like to see more air filter reviews, drop us an email.

Air Filter - Custom Made For You

When manufacturers make a furnace or air handler, they are concerned with the size of the unit and do not care much about the size of the air filter housing.  Often, the manufacturer ends up with a nicely sized furnace but with an odd size air filter housing.  This is why we make custom-size air filters for our customers who need them.  If you have one of these odd-ball air filters, email us the size of the housing, and we will get back to you quickly. 

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Today's Super Deal!

Return Insurance For UPS, FedX, or USPO

ONLY: $2.70
Return Insurance For UPS, FedX, or USPO
In the event you need to return the filters, for whatever reason, we will cover all costs of return shipping. Also, should the returning filters get damaged or lost we will immediately cover the cost of the filters, up to $100.00. Email us the invoice showing your cost to return the filters and we will reimburse you immediately.

While the Carrier might cover some of the cost for damaged or lost filters, the process is drawn-out and can take weeks or months. On the other hand, you will have a check from us immediately for the damaged filters while you wait for the Carrier to process your claim and approve or reject it.

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