Isn't it a hassle when you want to re-order your air filters, but cannot remember your password or the air filter you ordered last. Well, we've made it easy as pie. When you are ready to order, just send us an email with the words, "I want to re-order the same order as last time".

We will take care of everything. We'll enter the order, process the order, and ship the order.
Then, we'll send an invoice with a "Pay Now" button so you can pay online instantly. If you saved your credit card information on our secured server the last time you ordered, then you will not even get the invoice with the "Pay Now" button.


As you know, prices are always increasing, year in and year out. They never go down. But, once you order from us, you become a Preferred Customer and can sign up for our "Forever Same-Price Guarantee".

Once you order, the price will never change for as long as you own your home. Come back to re-order a month from now or ten years from now and your cost will be the same.


To really make this deal good for you, we are including a "Lifetime Return Guarantee". So, if you move and have left-over filters send them back for a full refund.

Or, if you put the box away and a few months later you find you had ordered the wrong filters, no problem. Send them back for a full refund of the remaining filters.

You automatically qualify for No-Check-Out Ordering, but you will need to opt-in for the two guarantees. Please,go to the link below to opt-in. All we will ask for is your email address to indicate you want to participate in our two Lifetime Guarantees.

I want To Join


Email us for online ordering help

Note: The Forever Same-Price Guarantee is based on the list price. It applies only to air filters. If we give you a special price to beat a competitor, that price will not apply. However, you can still use Discount Codes and Coupons.