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Oxyclean Air Filters is committed to donating half the proceeds from the sales of ODOR DEFENSE™ air filter to organizations, like St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, that are dedicated to helping sick kids and finding a cure for children's cancer...
ODOR DEFENSE™ - The Best Air Filter You Can Get!

Two Main Reasons to get ODOR DEFENSE.

1..Because it is the best air filter you can get for you and your family, and....

2..Because you will be helping fight children's cancer.


Dear Preferred Customer,

If you want to know more about ODOR DEFENSE™ , click the orange button above. But, here are just a few quick points.

ODOR DEFENSE™ captures many toxic gases that flow around the air in your home. These gases come from cleaning agents, pesticides, toilets, paints, pet odors, cooking odors, smoke, formaldehyde, building materials, and in many other ways. According to:

Dr. Lee S. Newman, MD, MA, (researcher, physician, public health practitioner, and educator) these gases are inhaled by you and your family and can overtime damage lungs, poison your cells, cause allergies, and make you sick in many other ways. Children are especially vulnerable to this. Not trying to scare you here. There is a lot research that proves these statements.

ODOR DEFENSE also captures microscopic particulates, the ones that can cause you trouble. At the same time, it has low resistance to airflow. This means your system doesn't have to work as hard, so it uses less energy and requires fewer repairs than the higher resistance filters.

Take a look at this short video to find out more about this great filter.

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