We do not have phone service. We strongly encourage you to email us, at You can also text at 561-899-9266 but we respond quicker to email.

Please, do not leave a message to return your call as we do not have phone service. However, if you like, you can leave us a voice mail identifying yourself and your problem or concern. We will then research the problem or concern and quickly get back to you by email. ....For your security, we prohibit our employees from taking orders over the telephone because we do not want anyone to have your credit card information. If you are having a problem placing an order, email us and we will take care of the problem quickly.

For your security, we prohibit our employees from taking orders over the telephone. Under no circumstances should you give your credit card information to anyone over the telephone. When you give your credit card information over the phone to someone you do not know, like a customer service representative, you're taking a risk she or he will use it for nefarious purposes. On the other hand, when you enter your credit card information online, the information is immediately encrypted and only machines can see it. No human gets to see it.

  1. If you need help finding your filter, first enter the size or part number in the Search Box at the top of this page. If that does not work, email us the size or part number and we will send you a link to the exact filter you are looking for.
  2. If you are having difficulty placing your order, we can enter the order for you and email you a secured Payment Button.
  3. Did you forgot your password? Let us know and will will email you a temporary password. Or, if you want to reset your password yourself, go here and follow directions.
  4. If you are a returning customer and have an account, log in above at "My Account" and all your previous orders will be there.


This message is to let you know we only have email, text and voice-mail customer service because it is the best way to provide you with the most excellent customer service. After having an online store since 1995 we have discovered communicating by email is more efficient and effective than phone communication.

Email has many advantages over telephone communication. For instance,

  1. You and we will have a written record for future reference.
  2. Email eliminates errors in spoken communication.
  3. Email is more efficient and precise because we can more carefully research your concern or problem.
  4. You can send us an email describing your concern and just walk away. Then, when you come back you will have an answer in your inbox
  5. And, many more advantages.

For texting us or to leave a voice mail dial 561-899-9266. This phone number is only for texting and voice mail..

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