NOTE: If you are upgrading your filter from a one inch deep filter you must
have at least six inches of space behind the grille to allow space for the
deeper filter.


Why you should upgrade your 1 inch filter or your existing grille filter to a 4" high efficiency air cleaning machine?
If you have a 1 inch return air filter grille you know you should change your 1 inch filter every month to keep your furnace or air handler and duct system cleaner and to maintain adequate airflow. But do you know you can easily use a high efficiency 4 inch thick air filter and turn your filter grille into a high efficiency air cleaning machine?

A 4 inch deep high efficiency air filter does more:
• It keeps your air handler and duct system much cleaner than a 1" filter.
• It keeps the living areas of your home cleaner.
• and it improves the quality of the air you and your family breathe in your home.
The 4 inch filter does this by capturing much more dust, mold, dust mites, pollen, and many other pollutants and contaminants due to its higher dust holding capacity.

We recommend the MERV 13 because it can capture more pollutants than lower MERV rating filters while maintaining better airflow than the 1 inch filter.
If not changed regularly a 1 inch filter can quickly clogged up with particles causing airflow to decrease substantially. Restricted airflow will make your system work harder to provide you with the cool or heated air needed to keep you comfortable. This in turn will cause your energy bills to be higher.
On the other hand, a 4 inch filter has more area so it can capture many more pollutants and contaminants without substantially restricting airflow. This will mean more comfort with lower energy bills. Another possible benefit is fewer repairs of your AC system because the blower and other parts are kept cleaner. Dirt is the biggest enemy of your AC system!

A 1 inch filter is cheaper than a 4 inch filter but is it a better deal?
When considering to upgrade to a 4 inch filter keep in mind that:
* A 4 inch filter will last up to a year eliminating the hassle of changing your filter every month.
• A 4 inch filter provides you and your family with cleaner breathing air.
• A 4 inch filter provides plenty of airflow, even with a MERV 13.
• A 4 inch filter provides savings on your energy bills.
• A 4 filter is a good money deal when compared to a 1 inch filter.
• With a 4 inch filter your system may require fewer repairs because dirt is the biggest enemy of AC systems.