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We do not outsource production to other countries.
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We have been in the air conditioning industry for over 35 years, since 1995 in the Air Filter industry, and on the Internet. We were the first filter manufacturer/Distributor to offer air filters on the Internet . Our air filters are providing clean, healthy air in homes and businesses all over the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Mars.

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Have a minute?....Let me tell you about us and how I got started offering air filters.

Mommy, I Can't Breathe !

Hi, my name is Manny Cristia. I was an air conditioning contractor
for many, many years and I have seen just about every air filter out there.

Back when I started in A/C we didn't think much about air quality, but we didn't
spend all day locked in our homes or work place either. But, as our
environment changed with all kinds of chemicals being introduced into our
home and my family spending more time indoors, I realized something
was changing. Then one day, my son said:

"Mommy, I can't breathe"......

When my son was growing up he suffered from severe allergies, so after hearing
him say that, I set out to search for the best air filter I could find. What I soon
discovered was that most air filters did not do much to clean the air we
breathe into our lungs. The few "good" filters I found were grossly overpriced.

So, what did I do? I gather all the information from industry experts and
began manufacturing a new, easy to use anti-microbial electrostatic air
filter. A filter that would deliver results while saving money!

My son has grown up since, married and moved away. He's about to have a
baby and wants the best for her. So when he moved recently, the first thing
he did was to come and get a new anti-microbial air filter for his home.

(True Story by)--- Manny Cristia ---

The true account written above was written many years ago. Air filters have improved dramatically, so we no longer manufacture electrostatic filters. Instead, we now use ODOR DEFENSE, which captures many toxic gases, in addition to microscopic dust while keeping air resistance low.

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