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~All Our Air Bear® Aftermarket Filters &
ODOR DEFENSE® Air Bear Air Filters~
Proudly made in America

16 x 25 x 5



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"The Best Whole House Air Filter You Can Get"

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Air Bear Filter, MERV 8 Air Bear Filter Replacements 16x25x5 MERV 8, AfterMarket

Trion Air Bear Air Filter For Models:

255649-105, 229990-105, DPFR16X25X5, SBTRAB1640

Nominal size 16x25x5. Actual size (H) 15 3/4" x (W) 24 1/4" x (D) 5"

ONLY: $27.48 each - AND WE INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING + SAVE When You Order More
Air Bear Filter, MERV 11 Air Bear Filter Replacements 16x25x5 MERV 11, AfterMarket

Trion Air Bear Air Filter For Models:

255649-105, 229990-105, DPFR16X25X5, SBTRAB1640

Nominal size 16x25x5. Actual size (H) 15 3/4" x (W) 24 1/4" x (D) 5"

ONLY: $30.23 each - AND WE INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING + SAVE When You Order More

ODOR DEFENSE Air Bear Filter Replacement ODOR DEFENSE® With Gray Matter, Genuine Brand 16" x 25" x 5" (15 3/4x24 1/4x4 7/8) Air Filter Replacement

Genuine Brand ODOR DEFENSE Filter replacement :

Nominal size 16" x 25" x 5". Actual size 15 3/4" x 24 1/4" x 4 7/8"

Fits the following brands:

Air Bear, Airguard, Generalaire, Skuttle, Ultravation, Glasfloss


Air Bear Filter, MERV 13 Air Bear Filter Replacements 16x25x5 MERV 13, AfterMarket

Trion Air Bear Air Filter For Models:

255649-105, 229990-105, DPFR16X25X5, SBTRAB1640

Nominal size 16x25x5. Actual size (H) 15 3/4" x (W) 24 1/4" x (D) 5"

ONLY: $33.65 each - AND WE INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING + SAVE When You Order More

Oxyclean air filters offers Trion® Air Bear® air filters 16x25x5 in MERV 13, MERV 11 and MERV 8 for your home and office. We stock Genuine Air Bear® brand (OEM) and high quality After-market 16x25x5 furnace air filters for fast, free delivery.

This filter is manufactured using the best filtration media, Gray Matter® filter media. It is composed of sub-micron carbon bonded to synthetic media fibers and to 30 gauge support grid which is corrosion proof. The filter frame is made of sturdy, heavy duty, high strength board. These filters will fit perfectly into your air cleaner or purifier, preventing air bypass and controlling particles and toxic gases.

Air filtration and air quality have become very important as more and more pollutants are introduced into the environment. But, many people are still using fiberglass filters that do little to improve air quality. So, if you are interested in breathing clean air then Trion® Indoor Air Quality will provide it with a large selection of Air Purifiers.

Don't let the name ODOR DEFENSE® fool you. ODOR DEFENSE® Air Bear air filter replacement does a lot more than just remove odors and toxic gases. It is the best whole house air filter you can get for your home because it purifies the air like no other filter.....By the way, we also offer 16x25x5 Genuine Brand and after-market Air Bear air filters replacements for the following part numbers..

  • AB1625, 229990-105, 455602-125, 255649-105, 248713-105, 255649-005, 229990-005,
  • 455602-119C, 447380-005, FFC16255TAB, AB-502, SBTRAB1640, AB-51625, 259112-105
  • 266649-105, abp16255, DPFR16X25X5, ab-51625, 5096527960, 5FM1625
  • 000-0448-001, 91-002, 54-25051-04, 14161, DB-25-16m S1-MAC10162505, FP1625X5
  • 4541, AB-1625-11R, AB-105-AM, 0215-TRAB1611, ABR16x25x5, P5MV11-16X25X5, GF 4511
  • AF-DAB8.0516252P

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  2. We guarantee your satisfaction. Return the filters in 30 days or 330 days. So if you move, no problem, return the filters. Also, if you need to exchange the filters because of size, we will pay for the return.
  3. We offer Genuine brand Air Bear filters, "Made in America" After-Market filters, and Genuine ODOR DEFENSE® Air Bear replacements.
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  • 16 x 25 x 5 - Actual size 15 3/4" x 24 1/4" x 4 3/4"
  • Electrostatic charged filter media provides added efficiency
  • Gaskets on both top and bottom prevents air-by-pass
  • Can be used on both furnaces and air handlers
  • Low resistance to airflow
  • Varying density for maximum dust holding capacity
  • Will not support bacterial growth
  • Evenly spaced pleats are held in place by galvanized metal fingers
  • Beverage cardboard frame resist moisture
  • Effifiency tested per ANSI/ASHRAE STANDARD 52.2

How Often You Should Change Trion Air Bear® Filter.

The frequency for changing your Air Bear filter depends on how often you run your blower and how dusty your neighborhood is. A good "rule of thumb" in the air conditioning industry is change your filter every six months.

How do I measure my air filter, or furnace filter ?
Follow the link above to discover how to measure air filters.

ODOR DEFENSE®?....Because Genuine ODOR DEFENSE® Air Bear filter replacements capture dust particles as small as 3 microns (.000118 inches) and has an arrestance of up to 95% (per ANSI/ASHRAE STANDARD 52.2). To illustrate, this dot inside the parenthesis (.) is 615 microns. Compare this to 3 microns.....But, here is the beauty of this air filter, it
ALSO captures foul odors and harmful, toxic gases from the airflow in your home, while keeping air resistance at a low level.....To discover all about this GREAT FILTER, and what we mean by "Harmful Gases" go here.

TESTIMONIAL....Just a few of the many reviews we get. We consistently maintain a 4.5 to 5 Stars

Excellent service, as usual

I've been ordering my filers from Oxyclean for years. They have the best prices and shipping is really fast!

Air Bear filter 16X25X5 Merv13
Fast delivery. Great quality


Ordering replacement Air Bear filters for my A/C system is a breeze.


Ordered the wrong filter in error but Oxyclean made it right for me! Great people to work with!!


I must say that doing what one expects is now considered a great job, but that is exactly true. I ordered the filters, I paid for the filters, I got tracking numbers to see the location, and I received the filters in great condition, when they said I would. If only many of the other businesses could do the same.....But for now, Great Job!!!


I have purchased Air Bear furnace filters through Oxyclean for years. They have fast service and their price cannot be beat. This year we upgraded the filters from MERV 8 to MERV 11 and we can truly tell the difference in quality. It's definitely worth paying a bit extra.


Great filters, great price, great service!
The title says it all. I have used these filters for about 8 years and in my opinion they perform well. They do eventually get dirty, that's the point, and have to be changed. Obviously each house is different, but in mine I change them every 3-6 months as needed.