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Why bother with a yearly Preventive Maintenance Service?

Having a yearly Preventive Maintenance Service on your air conditioning system is a wise thing to do. Note the words, Preventive Maintenance. A yearly maintenance service will prevent many problems during those times when you need your home cooled or heated the most. When done properly, maintaining your system will save you money on energy bills, but just as importantly, a yearly preventive maintenance will help your system last longer with fewer repairs.....

This is important because heating and air conditioning systems are very expensive. Another benefit is that problems can be discovered before serious damage is done, and they can also be discovered and appropriate measures taken before a complete breakdown in the middle of winter or on a hot, humid day.

Dirt is the biggest enemy of electro-mechanical systems. This is why, first and foremost, you need a high efficiency air filter. During a Preventive Maintenance, the technician will clean or replace your air filter. Also, certain parts that can cause trouble when dirty are cleaned to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently.

Some of these parts are, the cooling coil, condensate drain, burners, pilot lights, and most importantly, if needed, the flue. The flue is that part that conveys poisonous combustion by-products (gases) out the chimney

Dirt is the biggest enemy of your air conditioner, and a good air filter is the best friend! Giving your air conditioning system an efficient, high MERV rating air filter is the best thing you can do for your air conditioner. A good air filter will extend the life of your air conditioner because the important parts, like the blower assembly, the cooling coil, and other inner parts will stay cleaner, operate more efficiently and last longer.

And, as a side benefit of having a good air filter, your family and you will enjoy breathing much healthier indoor air. Air that will be free of dust mites, mold, mildew, dust, pet dander, etc. etc.