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How a Good Air Filter Can Help Clean The Air You Breathe

An air filter Keeps dust under control

You can be allergic to dust and not even realize it. You just notice your breathing is hindered, you catch your breath often, find taking deep breaths difficult and you are more tired. You feel "things" crawling on your skin.

Dust allergies are common indoor breathing enemies. Other symptoms of dust allergies include nausea, vomiting, rashes, skin irritations and headaches.

air filter article An air filtration system with a high quality air filter can remove dust mites from the air and prevent them from recirculating.

* Turning the blower of your forced-air cooling/heating system on for 15 minutes after cleaning will help remove dust from the air, also.

* If you cannot afford an in-home filtration system, purchase a room-size air cleaner, complete with a good air filter, and put it in your most affected room. You may also do this in addition to your whole house system.

An air filter keeps pet dander under control

Many believe a house is not a home without our furry family members. As much as you may love your furry friend, you may be allergic to the pet dander. Or, your guests may have allergies. Pet dander is another common household pollutant that negatively affects breathing for those with heightened sensitivity.

* You and your guests will breathe easier by purchasing an air cleaning device, complete with an air filter that fits your budget. Place several small air purifiers throughout your home.

* Place another one in each bedroom and run it periodically throughout the day and all during the night. Remember that to be effective, portable cleaners need to be used in a confined area.

An air filter will clean the air of exhaust fumes

Exhaust fumes pollute the air by clogging it with impurities. Some homes have connecting garages that allow fumes to seep under the adjoining doors. This allows fumes to enter your home. Having a good air filtration system with a clean air filter, removes any exhaust fumes that impinge on your home's interior. Of course, an air filter will not protect you if you forget to turn off your car. Leaving your car running in the garage can be deadly. To protect from this you need a carbon monoxide detector.

* Have an automatic air cleaner/exhaust fan wired to your garage door. Set it so every time your garage door opens or closes, the fan turns on.

Exhaust fumes also come from cooking, baking, using kitchen appliances and other kitchen-related activities. A good air filter in your overhead exhaust fan, located directly above your stove, will remove exhaust fumes. This reduces your risks of breathing impure air for long periods of time, making breathing easier.

An air filter will reduce other indoor air pollutants

There are many pollutants that can negatively affect your breathing. This is why indoor air pollution is such a serious issue. In addition to pet dander and living dust mites, these pollutants include dry cleaning fumes, smoke, mold spores and viruses, etc.

Indoor pollutants of all kinds play havoc on breathing, especially if a person has heightened sensitivities. Using a good air filter, whether portable or built-in, will help remove offending particles from the air.

* Remember to clean your air ducts regularly. Dirty ducts are breeding grounds for all kinds of indoor pollutants that negatively affect breathing.

You can have the most efficient, budget-friendly and recommended air cleaners in the world, but If you do not change the device's air filter regularly, it will not matter. A dirty air filter is like having no air cleaner at all. Change the air filter regularly and improve your indoor air quality. Watch your breathing improve.