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Tips For Choosing a Good Car Cabin Air Filter

Know what you're buying

A car cabin air filter is a filtration device that is attached to the air intake of your car's ventilation system. It works to improve the quality of the air inside the car, and to get rid of pollution from the outside air that enters the car. Many air filters are made using a pleated paper system, but there is a whole host of other filtration media.

A blend of cotton and paper is common material used for these air filters. Other models use miniature paper filters not unlike those found in the air filter of the car's engine intake system. Other models include shaped cotton cartridges.

Don't get confused

Often the car cabin air filter is confused with the internal combustion air filter. The latter is the one under the hood of the car that stops dust from getting into the car's engine inner workings. If this air filter is damaged, it may damage the car's performance. The distinction between these two different filters is very important.

When buying a car cabin air filter, look for a high quality air filter that will improve the air that you and your passengers breathe. There are certain green air filters available on the markets that are more sustainable. These are perhaps the best air filters to buy if you are worried about allergens.

Other tips

When changing your air filter try to stay away from parking under trees. Pollen may enter the system and damage it. If you are an allergy sufferer you should think about changing your cabin air filter more often than people who do not have allergies. Also, you should look for an air filter that is particularly thorough in its filtration. Remember that when you turn on the AC or the heater in your car, this is when air filter does its work.

When installing an air filter remember that condensation will collect on it, creating a fertile breeding ground for mold. Eventually, a musty smell may become apparent due to the moisture and particles clogging up the filtration device. For this reason, it is a good idea to change the cabin air filter at least once a year. These air filters are not expensive, so it will save you a lot of trouble if you buy in advance.

To summarize, remember that your air filter is distinct from the internal combustion air filter, and that it should be changed at least every year. The best air filters are the greenest ones because they will save you money and will improve the quality of the air inside your car as well.