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Tips For Choosing a Good Car Engine Air Filter

A good car engine air filter can save you money on gas, help your car operate at optimum performance levels and help you avoid repair bills in the long run. Choose the best one by following the tips below.

1) Do your research into what size air filter your car uses. Do not laugh over this one. Some misinformed car owners can think any air filter will fit into their car. You are different though. You realize that the correct one fits like a glove.

* Use your auto owner's manual to find the correct size air filter for your car. If you do not have a manual, go online and do research into your car model, type and year.

* Or, go to your local auto supply, dealership or parts shop. Some larger department stores have auto departments that will also help in this area. They usually have manuals that list air filter sizes for a variety of cars. If you have any questions about using these manuals, employees can help you.

2) Know your budget. Air filters come in a variety of prices, ranging from dirt cheap to expensive. Many quality and reputable manufacturers offer air filters at low prices to suit a wide variety of budgets.

3) Know your car's make, model and year. What air filter your car needs will be based on these factors. Learn this information and save yourself the embarrassment of appearing as a uninformed car owner. Protect yourself by knowing this information.

4) Know your purpose. Do you plan on using your air filter in a high performance car? If so, adjust your purchase accordingly. For instance, an air filter manufactured with a high performance car in mind will be totally under-utilized in a small commuter car.

5) Buy a well-known brand. Well-known brands have a reputation for manufacturing high quality products that stand the test of time. Purchasing a lesser known brand may save you money, but be made of lower quality materials that allow debris to enter your carburetor. This can be the beginning of a huge repair bill down the road.

6) Perform an on-site matching process. Make sure the air filter you purchase is the same as your current one. You can easily do this by removing your current air filter while in the store's parking lot.

*Take the filter into the store and match it against the replacement one. If it matches perfectly, in size and shape, you have the correct fit. Doing this on-site matching will save you the time and expense of making a return trip to the store.

7) Understand that an air filter can be made from different materials. All serve the purpose of improving air flow and providing proper filtration to your engine. One of the most common is a pleated-paper filter that makes it easy to replace for only a few bucks.

An air filter plays a crucial role in optimizing your car's performance. It keeps your carburetor and engine clean by removing impurities. By doing this, it improves air flow to your engine and improves horsepower.