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Oxiclean, Mistakenly AKA Oxyclean, Reviews


For years we have been getting email comments, both bad and good about the Oxiclean cleaning products. Scroll down to see some of these comments.

This page has been created as a service to you, and to let you rate the Oxiclean products..... Email us, and time permitting, we will post your comments on this page.

We will post positive comments and negative comments so you can have a measure of the product's effectiveness as judged by you, the general public......Bookmark this page, and come back here to see the results.

If you wish to participate, send your comment to Please be brief in your comment.

NOTE: We ARE NOT the cleaning products company. We provide this review page because were often asked by some of the folks that emailed us. Again, we are in no way associated with the cleaning products company.

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I will NEVER use this product again!!!! It burned holes through 11 items of clothing worth hundreds of dollars!!! It even took off the paint on my washing machine!!!!!! It says nothing on the warning label about burning holes through clothing and leaving bleach streaks!!! I am emailing everyone I know and warning them about this product! Apparently this company knows about this and does not have the business sense to warn there consumers!!! HORRIBLE PRODUCT!!!!!


I just washed 6 of my husband's Hawaiian shirts, rayon, cotton & silk with the Oxy Clean Ball. It ate HOLES in them!! 2 of them were VINTAGE shirts! It also bleached spots in them also. I'm NEVER using your product again! You should put some sort of warning along with the product if you continue to sell it.
Very dissappointed!....Kailua Kona, HI

I went and bought your product, and it sucks, it doesn’t clean like you said it does! It actually didn’t get not one stain out! Why advertise a product like it works so well when it doesn’t even work at all? You waisted my hard earned money on a lie! I wish I would have seen all the comments on your website then I would of never bought oxyclean,

Before I wrote this I looked on the bottle to make sure I followed directions correctly. I am happy to say I did. I sprayed my children's clothes in oxyclean and let them soak (they never dried) and 5 shirts all came out with GIANT holes in them. One hole went the entire length of a onesie! I will never use this product on my clothing again, and I wouldn't recommend it on children's clothing. I recently bought my son LRG shirts and some Lacoste Izod shirts. I used oxyclean in the wash and it destroyed the shirts. The LRG shirt was $24 and the Lacoste Izod shirt was on sale for $30. I hope you can reimburse me for the cost of the shirts.

I have enjoyed using OxyClean stain remover in my laundry. I always by the largest container (usually at Costco) because I use so much of it. Within the past year, I've noted a change in packaging that I don't like. Your product used to come in a large plastic tub, but now comes in a square box with a plastic bag inside to hold the product. Since this product is moisture and air sensitive, I'm confused as to why you've packaged it in such an inconvenient way. It is a pain to use out of the box.

I didn't follow the instructions on the package & I sprayed the oxyclean on my $89. J.Jill linen jacket, left it for a couple of hours and saw that IT MADE 5 HOLES IN THE GARMENT. I called them in NJ to complain, and to recommend that they put the danger message on the package, but I was just told that I should not have waited more than 1/2 hour to wash the clothing, so it was my fault. I still think they are being irresponsible!


Just to let you know something that is very nice My little granddaughter, Amelia Elizabeth, was baptized on July 1. She wore her mother's (my daughter Amy's) christening gown. Believe it or not, we had it professionally dry cleaned and packed away years ago only to find it had yellowed horribly. We soaked it in oxyclean overnight and it was as brilliantly white as it was over 30 years ago. It was beautiful and Amelia looked like an angel. What a wonderful product.

i have been using your oxyclean baby spray for over 2 years and i have never, until now, had any problems with it. i recently have been noticing holes in my childrens clothes. i used to spray them and leave the oxyclean on until i did my laundry...can't do that anymore without risking holes in my childrens clothes! this is very disappointing since i swore by this product and can only get it at babies r us. now what do i do?

From what I’m reading, there is not a lot of inviting information about OXYCLEAN. I never used it, but I am glad that I checked the website out first. The cons out weigh the Pros, so I’ll pass.

What have you done to that wonderful Oxyclean?!! I purchase in bulk so it took me a while to get through my last bucket. The new stuff is just a waste of money. It doesn't work to soak out stains; it's so finely powdered that it blows around the room every time I dip into the box. When I opened the box the first time I thought I was going to choke to death. You destroyed what used to be a great product. I'm sorry I ever recommended it to my friends.

I bought the Oxy Stain Remover when I saw it on T.V. one evening. I thought that I was getting a good product. It is amazing in one way! I have never seen a product make clothes disappear! I used this on several pairs of my Old Navy shorts and a couple of shirts, which where not cheap. The cost of these where around $50.00. My money like most people’s does not grow on tree’s. When I pulled the items out of the washing machine, they all had holes and where in shred’s. I would hope that they would reimburse for my loss.

Your product is not as good as you claim it to be. I just got done doing a load of laundry and my husband’s shorts had a Hi-C stain in them and I added oxy clean to my laundry and put in right on the stain and it is still there. The shorts are not work around the house shorts and cannot be worn in public, basically ruined. I will not be buying your product any longer.

I thought i would try this product but since i seen this page i will not buy this product never tryed this but i dont like what is said about i will never buy this product

My son was riding his bike through mud puddles in his favorite white cotton shirt and I was worried the mud stains wouldn't come out, even though I have always been able to get any stain out using Oxyclean in the past. After soaking it and spraying it with Oxyclean, the stains came out! I told my son that if the stains came out I would email you.

My name is Justin McAiney and I have a complaint about your oxyclean product. I used it on pair of corduroy shorts and it ruined them. The shorts were 100% cotton. On your bottle it doesnt say do not use on corduroy or 100% cotton items. These shorts were not cheap and are now 100% ruined. I can mail them to you if need be for analysis.

I thought I would try this product. Used it on my husbands sage green cotton t shirt. When it came out of the dryer, you could see exactly where it had been sprayed and it had little holes in thoses spots. It looked like it had been eaten by battery acid. I think everyone who followed the directions and still had damage should be reimbursed. There is nothing on the label that states this could happen.

OxyClean Is Great!!!!
i use oxyclean all of the time on most of my cloths and it works great everytime, I dont know wtf everyone else is talking about there are just to dee dee dee to read the directoins. Kudos for sure oxyclean keep up the good work.
Oxyclean Laundry Stain Remover leaves a yellow to orange stain on my blouses. There are times when I spray a spot, walk away, get back to it in an hour or two. I notice an orange or copper color at the edge of where I have sprayed. I respray, place in washer, but that orange color never comes out. I then wash it by hand then, it still does not come out. It ruins my blouses!! And yes, it does remove the original grease spot, but as far as the outlining color that got there after I sprayed the spot, it stays there!

This product that I have been using for the past two years MUST NOT be yours??? I can’t imagine all the negative reports that this product does not work…they must be talking about the powder that goes in laundry/washing machines, etc..

I understand that OxyClean is guaranteed to remove stains -- well, I would like more details on what this guarantee is. I soaked a shirt for two days and the stain is still there. This was a lot of money to spend on a product that did not hold true to its promise. What do I need to do to collect on this guarantee.
I would like to inform you that I am very unhappy with a product that I used. I used your powder stainer and it ruin my sons new highchair cover I can't buy a new cover. It looks like bleach stains on part of it. I recommend for you all to do something about this matter.

I wish to report that on recently adding OxyClean to our laundry my husband is experiencing an all over body rash...No other changes in the cleaning have been made, same detergent, same softener, sample color or white bleach as before for our laundry. I did not have as many garments in the wash this time around but am also noticing itching....

I can't wait to get home and throw your product in the's ridiculous to spend that kind of money on something and get a rash from it...Funny thing was it did remove the stains, but at what price....!

I have to tell you that you have made my evening - no - my week. Went out this evening to eat out with friends, wearing a brand new fine white lawn blouse I bought in the South of France THREE weeks ago.... Received a direct hit from a falling glass of Merlot - both sleeves, one cuff and the entire front splattered.
Came home two hours later and sprayed the affected areas thoroughly with Oxyclean - sprayed lightly with cold water, and left it for fifteen minutes. Returned and sprayed off the product with cold water, and MY BLOUSE WAS IMMACULATE !!............Thank you. Thank you.

I have used this product and been very pleased with its performance, especially on chocolate and grass stains......However, I recently had to purchase a new bottle and lo and behold, you did it again.....changed the fragrance to some obnoxious scent that I can’t stand. Why do you keep doing this???
You did it with Kaboom too. Had a perfectly good product that smelled fine, to we fragrance sensitive individuals. One that actually worked. Then you changed the fragrance and the formula to something that stinks to high heaven and doesn’t do diddly. You need to learn to leave well enough alone because you just lost a customer.

I have used Oxyclean for about five years in all my laundry. Recently, we have moved to WA state to live with my sister who has a septic tank. She will not allow me to use this product as she was told that it was NOT septic tank friendly. Does anyone have any information on this? I too, do NOT like the new packaging for the same reason given by the other customer.

I too do not like the new packaging, BUT the most shameful thing is that the new packaging contains a scoop that is 4X larger than the old one, and the directions on the box are still the same, telling the consumer to measure by using 1/2 scoop, etc, which is actually 4X more than you would have used before the new package.

Subject: Oxyclean Laundry Detergent Ball
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 21:01:26 -0500

This product does not clean clothes very well, especially the whites.

This may be a great product but I have a 12 pound brick of the stuff I have no idea what to do with! It is packaged in a plastic bag too small to close securely inside a box that also doesn't close. I chipped off a piece of the brick and used it with my wash but it didn't dissolve completely. Can I get any help with this problem?

Hi! I too hate the new packaging! They messed up a good product. Had I known the new box wouldn’t be in the same plastic tub from CostCo, I would have kept the tub. The product’s granules stick together and it’s no longer the powder it used to be. Unfortunately, I like the product for whites but I hate the package it comes in. Guess they know that too so they don’t have to listen to us. I’m going to write the OrangeGlo Corporate office at as shown on the side of 24 oz canister.

The OxyClean Laundry Detergent Ball SUCKS! Thumbs DownThere is absolutely no suds, nor any fragrance. How do you know it's cleaning your clothes? Not to mention, it's expensive. Though, I do like using regular OxyClean as a pre-soak for tuff stains.

I have added oxyclean to my laundry for several years and have been very pleased with the way it helped get farm dirt and stains out of my kids clothing. My daughter decided to wear her off white satin wedding dress to a costume party in October, where it not only got stained with barbeque sauce but lots of dirt on the bottom as it was an outdoor very casual (sloppy) country affair. I was sick of it sitting in the laundry room ( it is now February). I tossed it in the washing machine with oxyclean and a little woolite - washed it in cold water, and ba-da-bing!!! it is just like new, save a little touch up with an iron--unbelievable!!!

I AM VERY DISSATISIFIED WITH THE NEW PACKAGING OF THE 11 LB BOX PURCHASED AT BJ’S. Once you open the box the handle is useless since it flops open. In addition the flimsy plastic “shovel” cracked the first time I attempted to scoop out some oxyclean. The plastic bag is a pain and the cardboard box gets wet and is nasty. One would assume that there is water where the laundry is done so why would you package something in a cardboard box. The plastic bucket type container was great. I have switched to oxymagic solely because of the packaging. I think you should reconsider your MISTAKE.

My name is Sara Sofxxx i've been using your product for a while, but the last bottle that i used somehow ruined 5 expensive outfits for me. The original stains disappeared but your product made triple the size yellow stains at the place where i sprayed. I am truly dissapointed by this. Please let me know if I could still do anything about the stains and if not i would like full refund for all my garments that i cant use anymore.

My church committee uses Oxyclean in getting out wine stains. We have been very pleased, thus was quite surprised to read all the negative feedback. It works well for us.

I just love your product Oxyclean! I pour it on stains and they are gone! I even bought the one that goes in my purse so when somebody spills something I take it out and spray the spot and before their eyes the stain is gone! I always buy 4-6 bottles of Oxyclean because I am so afraid that you will do away with it! Thanks for this amazing product!

The old was packaged better and had the smaller scoop. The new “Versatile” in the cardboard container with a scoop 4 times larger means they watered it down with “fillers” so now you have to use more to get the same job done. Like most of the comments here, I agree they had a good thing going and they broke it.

I love the product, I have not found a stain that it cannot get out and it is safe for my clothes.

The Oxi Clean Spray-A-Way that is currently being advertised on TV doesn't do anything to the stain. I used it on a fresh coffee stain and it is still visible. I used the "Tide To Go" pen and it disappeared.

I do not usually comment on a product unless it is very, very good. With your spray Oxyclean, I praise your product to everyone I can. I am talking about the liquid spray. I have used it on every kind of stain and have not been disappointed. My last experience is the reason I am writing...My son had spilled food juices and grease on a very expensive dining room chair covered with an off white expensive fabric. I tried Undo and Carbona first, but to no avail. Then I sprayed the Oxyclean and the stain was gone. The same thing happened with a pair of my husband's silk walking shorts, he had a wine stain that had been there unknown to me, for a while. The Wineaway did not help, but
I purchased your product, to spray on spots on our clothes. I have treated them three times, left them set as you suggested, and the stains are STILL THERE!!!!! There was blood on my shirt and I rinsed it out right after it happened. And sprayed it with the spot remover, I have done this THREE times and its still there. My husband spilled something on his florescent green shirt, as soon as we noticed it we treated it, left it set and then soaked it over night in laundry detergent, rewashed it the next morning, and the spots were still there. So, now we have two shirts that we can't wear. And I'm not going to treat them again because I don't want to totally ruin them. I am really sorry I spent
For quite awhile now I have been using your product mainly for laundry (and I love it), but I also use it to soak a glass roasting pan. It removes everything that has been burned on. Recently after doing this, I found a huge crack in it and had to throw it out. I happened to mention it to a friend of mine yesterday and she said the same thing happened to her. I have not seen anywhere on the canister that it cannot be used on this type of item. Can you tell me if Oxyclean could have possibly caused my pan to break the way it did?

I’ve been using OxyClean products for over 7 years ever since I had a tea stain on my light gray carpeting. I had used every type of cleaning product to remove the foot wide and very dark stain. After six months of trying to remove it I used a liquidy paste of OxyClean and within minutes the stain was gone! Totally amazed! I use it for all my laundry cleaning and I have whiter whites that anyone I know. I also used it on my 60 year old hand made christening gown that had yellowed horribly and a very large milk stain on the lower part. Within 30 minutes of soaking the dress it had turned white with no deterioration in the cotton fabric. Absolutely wonderful product. If some people got holes from

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I am writing to tell you that I had two brand new white pants. I got a mustard stain on them. I used your product and there was no problem however when I went to wear one there was holes in them. Both of them. I and not rich and these pants were $65.00 for the two pair. I had just bought them in January. 2007. Is there anything that you do for me as far as replacing these pants. MY email is xxx, Thank you for having this site.

Oxyclean cleans literally everything! I used it today to clean small "nuts & bolts," to take the rust off of them! Ever heard that one? They came out like new. Just thought I''d try it. Knew it would work! I soak dishes with really stubborn stuck-on food in oxyclean. Why scrub with dish detergent and a scrubbie pad? Take 'em out of the oxyclean and rinse them off. That's it. I clean my kitchen floor with oxyclean in the solution: floors you could eat off. I cleaned the kitchen broom bottoms in oxyclean. I clean high-traffic areas of my carpets with oxyclean. I take stains out of fabrics i would even put near a bleach bottle. I have washed portions of my wooden walls with oxyclean. I
I use your OxiClean stain remover powder in my laundry. I am writing about the tub container you sell the stuff in. I don't know who invented that lid, but whoever it was must be a sadist! Once you open the container by pulling the plastic tab or strip off, the lid does not close very securely. I just reached up to get the container from the shelf in my laundry and accidently dropped it. The powder shot all over my laundry room and it was hell to clean up. Took me an entire hour of my Sunday afternoon. I will no longer buy your product until you do something about making a securely fitting lid once it's open.

My diamond wedding rings and mothers diamond ring was destroyed by this product. The gold turned black and it ate the prongs off my diamonds. The cost to repair these rings are going to be hundreds of dollars..My jeweler told me that they see lots of people who use this product and their jewelry is destroyed...There is no warning on the bottle not to use with jewelry !!!